Can I try Vertical Space really for free? What are the limits?
Demo of Vertical Space application is production version without any functional limit. You can use this for 30 days.

If I enter real data into trail version, will they remain if I subscribe for Vertical Space?
If you subscribe for Vertical Space, your “Space” will remain as it was during the demo. The reason for this approach is to allow you to test this application in real production environment. The usual approach is to name few inspectors and workers and realize daily routine.

If we decide to end subscription of VS, what will happen with our data?
If you decide to end up with subscription of Vertical Space, your existing data will be exported and transfer to you. After confirmation you received copy of your data, they will be deleted in datacenter and from backups.

How is VS licensed?
To make the work clean and simple, VS is licensed per active equipment item in database. There is no limit for number of users, therefore you can assign number of users as you wish and needs for your purposes.

How is planned future development of VS? What will be included in following versions and releases?
There is existing functional road map which will be implemented into new releases and versions. We are keeping open discussion with every customer to be able to include new ideas and functions into our road map.

What do you mean by “product catalogues”?
Every item includes master meta data like photo, end user manual, manufacturer, passed certification, etc. To minimize work for users as well as eliminate possible errors, data of major manufacturers are already entered into systems.

How many languages is supported?
Any new functionality is supported in Czech and English languages. The whole system is prepared for localization into other languages which will be implemented based on customer needs.

Do I have to use it only for PPE or also for other equipment?
Vertical Space was developed initially for PPE purposes however it could be used for any other equipment. The application is ready to support any customer requirements. For best usage of VS application please contact our consultants which are ready to discuss with you your business needs.

Can external inspector access to our equipment and make inspections of it?
The application is developed to allow inspectors to make  inspections in several “Spaces”. To make this possible, inspector has to have access rights confirmed by your supervisor.