ikona-i  Electronic system
Evidence of equipment in well organised electronic application instead of paper records or excel files.
 ikona-iv Passports of working equipment
Each equipment has its own passport with all relevant data about the history of its use and made revisions.
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ikona-ii Full traceability
All changes in the electronic evidence are retrievable – who and when inserted, edited or deleted particular record.
ikona-v Early warning
The application informs in advance about the need to make a periodic revision or to replace obsolete PPE. The notice is also sent through regular e-mail lists.
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ikona-iii Automatic warning
If a working tool is not eligible for use, for example because of missed prescribed revision or exceeded life cycle, the application automatically put a warning on it.
ikona-vi Sharing of records
The user of equipment, technical inspector, the person responsible for the management of PPE or company manager – all can easily share online access into an integrated electronic evidence.
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ikona-vii Compliance with legislation
All information required by laws and regulations for each equipment are stored, you will have no trouble if you forget something and there is also no risk of any omission.
ikona-x Information always at hand
Through smart mobile phone or tablet it is possible to enter the system from anywhere (eg. directly at the workplace) and immediately establish the capability of assigned work equipment or to get the equipment’s documentation.
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ikona-viii Search by using codes
In addition to standard search using keyboard, it is also possible to use the QR code reader or RFID chips to trace specific equipment.
ikona-xi Employees’ records
Information on workers, their professional competence and a list of assigned equipment completes the entire summary needed not only for work at heights and free depth.
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ikona-ix Print protocols
Although all information is securely and conclusively kept in electronic form, it is necessary, in some cases, to print certain information. For such a situation a menu of printouts in PDF format is provided. This relieves technicians of burdensome administration.
ikona-xii Cataloguesof popular equipment
The catalogue of work and sports equipment of leading manufacturers is produced and regularly updated to simplify and speed up the work when receiving the particular equipment.
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ikona-xiii Photo documentation
The image visualization of each product makes the job and equipment identification easier for users, inspectors and other staff.
ikona-xv Users manuals
The catalogue contains beside basic information, parameters and photos of specific equipment also detailed user manuals. The user has all the information in one place and always available.
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ikona-xiv Secure storage
Application Vertical Space is run under a secure cloud environment certified by ISO / IEC 27000:2013 and EN / ISO 9001:2008. Automatic backup and the necessary procedures ensure safety of your data and their protection.
 ikona-xvi Feedback, revision request
The user has always the option to request a review or revision of his equipment in case of unexpected problems or when feeling a disagreement with specific working equipment.


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